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Maintenance | Operations Services | Reconditioning of Plastic Windows

We provide Operational Management Services for ropeway operations and Maintenance for ropeways vehicles and cabins.  We are specialized on the  Reconditioning of Plastic Windows on ropeway cabins and chairlift bubbles.

Team M2 is your partner if you are lacking a clear view through the windows of your ropeway cabins and chairlift bubbles. 

Our customers are operating companies of ropeways in Europe and Asia and manufacturers of ropeway systems and components of ropeways.

Our services for ropeways:


Reconditioning of Plastic Windows on 
Ropeway Cabins and Chairlift Bubbles


Operational Management


Adhesive Bonding



Other Services and Products:

Find handcrafted Bowls, exclusive Urns, Vases,  Pepper Mills and Candle Holders and much more.